2020 Leadership Training

2020 Leadership Training

  • How do leaders think?
  • What are the habits of highly effective people?
  • Are leaders born or can they be developed?
  • How do I present with confidence and be prepared for an interview?
  • How to create and benefit from a virtuous cycle of continuous learning and development?This training incorporates ideas that combine traditional and contemporary practices of leadership supported by empirical evidence using science. Topics covered are:
    • Habits of Highly Effective People
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Vision, Values and Character
    • Developing Concentration and Focus through Awareness and Mindfulness
    • Develop our executive presence, communicate a distinguished image and personal brand


    This complimentary program is interactive and designed for young adults but will benefit all adults who are motivated to learn and transform themselves. This program will run for 8 weeks, one-hour session once a week on Saturdays (9.30am EST/7pm IST) starting September.


    Presented by:

    Badri Narrayen, M.A. (HR), SHRM- SCP Principal, Monaries Consulting www.monaries-hr.com



    Trishaa: Tel: (571) 232-1010 trishaa.narayan@gmail.com


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