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Increasingly our lives have become stressful by “doing more with less” in all fronts – work and personal lives, compounded by the “7/24”action oriented environment, enabled by the ease of technology. Be generous to give the gift of meditation lessons to manage their stress, improve their health and create a positive work environment.

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Customer reviews

"I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Badri Narrayen for the last 25 years. He has worked with me as a coach and consultant during the course of my building Baylis from a start-up to a mature, profitable and growing organization. Badri brings deep experience in organization design, change management, transformation and coaching that we have used extensively. He has also conducted several mediation workshops for Baylis. I highly recommend Badri for organizational transformation work. On personal level, it has been and continues to be an absolute pleasure to work alongside Badri. I always value his insight and sound judgement."

Kris Shah

"Badri excels at understanding the nexus between employee satisfaction and business financial reality. He brings a strong grasp of strategic human resources thinking to the role of HR Leader. As part of the overhaul that he spearheaded, he moved legacy systems to cloud based systems and transitioned new vendors to reduce overall spend on our human resources function while increasing the total value derived, thus dramatically improving our overall HR ROI."

Erik Anderson

"I’ve worked with Badri Narrayen for over four years when he was the Chief Human Resources Officer at ISGN. As the global CMO, I saw Badri’s work directly related to our transformation of existing talent to high performance teams resulting in reaching unprecedented corporate success. I highly recommend Badri for any human resources engagement. His deep expertise, business acumen and passion for driving change will produce a significant return on investment."

Paul Imura

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