is a global organizational & human resource executive with more than three decades of senior management experience at FORTUNE 100 companies.

These include Volvo Car Americas, Procter & Gamble in Asia, Lafarge-Holcim in the US & Canada, Bank of Montreal and Levi Strauss & Company in Canada. Badri has lived and worked in 4 countries and brings a deep understanding of cultures. 

He is a Senior Certified Professional of Society for Human Resource Management, USA and has a Master of Arts degree in Human Resource Management.     

Badri is an eclectic, value-based and business-savvy people leader who understands what drives success and has supported organizations in a mix of industries – CPG, Financial Services, Industrial and Technology, to achieve results whether it is improving profitability, build scale or exit business, in public and private equity organizations.

He is a catalyst who improves personal and organizational effectiveness built on a foundation of meditation that combines traditional Indian Vedantic principles and contemporary neuroscience and epigenetics.

As the principal of Monaries, Badri takes a hands-on role in client engagements.  He uses the Congruency Model developed by him using an evidence based approach, “Requisite Organization”, to measure how your employees are currently matched with the roles and levels of their positions to determine congruency, enabling your organization to perform at a greater resonance and drive sustainable organizational performance.

His client includes large and small organizations in a number of countries including US, Canada and India. 


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